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Best Fitness Instructor

When you're six feet, 220 pounds of sculpted muscle with a shiny, shaven head, you should have a nickname suitable to your look. This hometown hunk has been filling up kickboxing and hip-hop aerobic classes in gyms in Broward and Palm Beach to the point where he is known by simply one name, "Silk," as in "smooth as," because his athleticism comes across so effortlessly. Silk's fitness repertoire has grown over the past year thanks to regular appearances on ESPN2's Gotta Sweat with buff babe and former Ms. Olympia Cory Everson, who has personally invited him back to Las Vegas to record more episodes. For now he still belongs to South Florida, where he teaches aerobic classes that are usually filled to capacity, mostly with women looking for top-quality instruction as well as the visual motivation this chiseled instructor provides. Now that motivation can be found on video-store shelves. His new kickboxing aerobics video can be found right next to the reigning champ of fitness videos, Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo, as if the local kid is duking it out with the king of the fitness infomercial to see whose tape packs the most punch. C'mon Billy, this is South Florida. We know our fitness, plus we hear women think our guy is buffer.


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