Best Place To Rent Go-Karts

Precious few things in life are as much unbridled fun as go-karts. You may be going only 15 miles per hour, but when you're an inch from the ground, it feels like 60. Driving quickly with so little power requires a certain skill, however; the idea is to cut the corners right at the apex, turning sharply to make a curve into more of a right angle. The Grand Prix course is a tight series of banked and flat turns. It's deceptively long and technically challenging. And there is no better feeling in the world than riding up on the back end of some teenage hotshot who fancies himself a Formula One trainee and stuffing him in a corner. When it comes to carting, age and experience trump youth and enthusiasm every time. We recommend you visit on "Full-Throttle Thursday" for unlimited kart riding from 6 to 10 p.m. You might just get good enough to drive in our league.

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