Best Place To Ride A Bike

Once you've finished this ride, it may be tough to go back to the real world. The path of paved asphalt that stretches along A1A (North Ocean Drive) is lined with so many beautiful houses and beaches that you may just want to turn around and do it again. Beginning at the south end, near Deerfield Beach at the bridge after Camino Real, the trail, which is wide enough for bikes to pass in both directions, goes north along the west side of A1A. To your left you can see boats docked in marinas and cruising along the Intracoastal. To your right, the Atlantic Ocean peeks out from time to time behind the green foliage that lines the road. Along the way are several parks and recreational areas for those adventurers who like to explore. About four miles into the trip, a green, hilly golf course rests on either side of the path, with sparkling blue water as a backdrop. The last three miles are filled with the amazing architecture of seaside villas and homes, most capped with elegant Spanish roof tiles. At this point you can either continue north or take Atlantic Avenue west onto a street full of outside cafés and specialty shops in Delray. On a sunny spring day, this ride is the wheel thing.

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