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The bluehairs who live around here won't be glad we told you, but Reef Road is the premier surfing spot in all of South Florida. Of course, if you're good enough to surf it, you probably already know about it. But grommets and newbies who want to check it out should know a few things before they go. First of all, the break is located in a residential area on the north end of the county's richest chunk of real estate, and there's no public parking within two miles of the spot. There are few bank robberies and crack raids in the affluent town, so police have nothing better to do than ticket you for parking illegally or obstructing traffic. You can stash your ride way south in some public spots on A1A or take your chances with a tow truck. Assuming you find your way to the break, just south of the Palm Beach Inlet, look for a bombing northeast swell, which is what this place needs to start firing. When it does, you'll be dropping down some deep, fast faces, and when the wave lets you off, you might be in Lantana. But you'll be stoked: On a "perfect-o-meter" scale of one to ten (one = Lake Erie and 10 = Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa), gives Reef Road an 8, which is about as good as it gets on the Right Coast.


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