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The art of providing an effective political quote lies in the ability to say the opposite of the truth and make it sound good and earnest. George W. Bush (a.k.a. Karl Michael Rove Gerson) is a master of this art. How brilliant was it when he kept referring to starting the war in Iraq as "securing the peace"? George Orwell couldn't have dreamed up anything more beautiful. Nixon had a bit more trouble -- his "I am not a crook" line failed to shine. Ken Jenne, who has had a very bad year, is somewhere between the two. He's surviving the crime-stats scandal but just barely. On the front page of the February 13 Sun-Sentinel, he was quoted as having uttered, "I'm the sheriff, I'm in charge, and I'm responsible for what happens on my watch." Of course, that couldn't have been further from the truth, since two deputies have already been charged with crimes linked to the scandal and four top commanders are on their way out the door, but Little Kenny remains at the top of the dysfunctional department. Might have been a smart move, though, since a lot of voters in Broward County probably believe he has, actually, taken responsibility. As Dilbert creator Scott Adams (who is not a politician) has said, "Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public."

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