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Fort Lauderdale's Catalonia has been through many names and lineup changes over the past seven years. Despite their missteps, they definitely got the music right this time around. Comparisons to the Smoking Popes, Weezer, and Reggie and the Full Effect are apt, but the band possesses something truly unique -- maybe their revival of the Keytar? The quartet's latest release is a promising, self-titled EP featuring four originals and one remix. The only way to accurately describe this record is with a completely nonscientific, track-by-track analysis of the songs. So here goes: Track 1, "Does Your Momma Wanna Be?" My toes start a-tappin' as soon as Evan Rowe sings, "Does your momma wanna be collateral damage..." Track 2, "Nasty Rabbit." My toes team up with my feet and legs, bouncing me off the couch and around my living room. By the second chorus, I'm singing along. Track 3, "Perfect Poser." I'm now knocking various knick-knacks off the shelves with my considerable derrière as I launch into a raucous indie-rock booty shake. Neighbors are peering through my window, and I don't care. Track 4, "Hiding." The neighbors have busted down the door and joined the party. Track 5, a remix of "Nasty Rabbit." Repeat as desired. Conclusion: Catalonia pulls off what so many bands have spent years trying to do: dance-friendly, fun indie rock with intelligent lyrics, excellent composition, and amazing harmonies. -- Maggie-Margret


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