A Classic-osaurus Exhibit!

Sometimes extinction is a good thing. Like with the case of the dinosaurs. Sure, Jurassic Park won us over — what if scientists could bring dinosaurs back to life?! — but then Jeff Goldblum’s life was put in danger, and we thought, no thank you. If Mr. T-rex were still hanging out in our ’hood, we’d have to live underground or be eaten like pistachios, and Jeff Goldblum would live in fear every single day. But it all worked out for us, as we’ll be reminded at “Diggin’ Dinosaurs: An Adventure Millions of Years in the Making,” an exhibit at the South Florida Science Museum (4801 Dreher Trail N., West Palm Beach). In addition to tyrannosaurus rex, you’ll be able to check out carnivores such as the velociraptor, the gigantic giganotosaurus, the monolophosaurus, and the tuojiangosaurus (dinosaur names, not easier than state capitals). Parts of this exhibit are hands-on, like handling an oviraptor egg or digging up a dino skeleton. The exhibit is open daily until May 2. Admission costs $9 or less. Call 561-832-1988, or visit sfsm.org.
Mondays-Saturdays, 10 a.m.; Sundays, noon. Starts: Jan. 16. Continues through May 2, 2010
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Mickie Centrone