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A Funny Farewell

Remember that uncle who told jokes at otherwise-boring-as-hell family functions? The one you affectionately called Uncle Funny? Well, we're sad to say the ol' yukster's going to be leaving, and he's taking his club with him. After 11 years as Broward County's premier laugh lounge -- which brought to town the likes of Dave Attell, Lisa Lampanelli, and Tracy Morgan -- Uncle Funny's Comedy Club is closing its doors at the end of this month. The club's swan song includes performances by Jimmy Shubert and Allyn Ball.

As the son of a police detective in Philadelphia, it didn't behoove Shubert that he was always causing trouble. Shubert's saving grace came when he discovered acting at a performing arts high school. While this undoubtedly paved the way for his numerous roles in movies (Go and Coyote Ugly) and TV (ER, King of Queens), only standup comedy allows Shubert to let loose on the topics that matter most to him. On Shubert's Animal Instincts CD, he wonders how a desperate druggie got arrested after tonguing a toad or what type of meds Grandma accidentally dropped in the mix while baking a cake. So that covers drug use; now on to the sex(ism) and violence. Here's Shubert's argument against women in the military: "I have a tough enough time getting laid. I don't need some Iranian with a Russian assault rifle cutting my odds in half." Maybe Shubert should try hooking up with Lynndie England; he's photogenic enough.

If Shubert's humor is too crude for your liking, then Allyn Ball's your man. Though he's not exactly G-rated, you won't hear him tell jokes about bestiality or scat. You might actually have to -- gasp! -- think a little before you laugh.

So take your pick, or go see both comics. Either way, this is the last chance for Broward residents to enjoy a local night of comedy. After that, well, you'd better buy a SunPass. -- Jason Budjinski

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