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A Little Daub’ll Do Ya

You’ve heard of cosmic bowling, where pin heads toss heavy balls around under the glow of blacklights and pulsing strobes. Well, Seminole Casino in Hollywood is taking that concept to the next level with Cosmic Bingo, going down every Friday night at 10 and 11. During that time, the still of the bingo hall is quashed as the room fills with black lights, disco balls, and — the piece de resistance — glow in the dark daubers, ready to do their daubing wherever daubing need be done. Gone is the monotonic drone of the bingo caller; instead, this emcee calls for crowd support: Whenever “G-50” is announced, bingo-goers must do the wave. Any ties end in a customary dance off, with the winner decided by audience applause. And don’t dare commit the sin of calling “BINGO” in error, lest the entire room shout “Loser!” and point in your direction. Sound fun? Throw in booze galore, raffle tickets, blaring music, and hundreds in prize money, and you’ll never go cosmic anywhere else again. Sessions cost $6 for 8 games, though the price will hop to $10 come August 7. Find the casino at 4150 N. State Rd. 7 in Hollywood. Call 866-961-3220.
Fridays, 10 & 11 p.m. Starts: July 24. Continues through Feb. 26, 2009
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John Linn

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