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A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Buddhist Monk Walk Into a Bathhouse…

Budda seems like a pretty lucky guy: he’s always cheery and smiling; he’s got a ton of nifty piercings; and, apparently, his devotees bathe him regularly. Well, at least once a year they do. On Budda’s Birthday, members of the International Buddhist Progress Society Temple (9341 NW 57 St., Tamarac) gather for a 10:30 a.m. service dedicated to the teachings of the peaceful fellow, which wraps up with a ceremonial bathing of his plump likeness. True, enlightened being don’t get particularly dirty – even in a year’s time. But this bath is more about cleansing the soul than washing off grime. Afterwards, the temple’s parishioners will celebrate with one of life’s greatest pleasures: food! (Home-cooked vegetarian Chinese food, to be exact.) Revelers can also enjoy a Buddhist cultural exhibit with games, folk dancing, and martial arts demonstrations, and a beautiful faux garden crafted from vegetables and uncooked dough. Everyone’s invited and the birthday bash is free – because, as Budda knows, the best things in life are. Call 954-933-0055. @cal byline:-- John Linn
Sun., May 17, 10:30 a.m., 2009
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John Linn

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