All You Can Eat

Anyone familiar with the greatest show ever,

Mr. Show

, has seen the skit with the slow-jam duo Three Times One Minus One. They dry-hump and


their way through songs with the occasional "daaamn" thrown in for effect, and the fact that they are two white guys imitating black guys is the joke, you see. Pittsburgh duo


Grand Buffet and Bluebird

Lounge, 517 Clematis St., West Palm Beach

Perform Wednesday, August 20, as part of that club's "Wormhole Wednesdays." Show starts at 9 p.m. and is 21 and older. Call 561-655-9747.

Grand Buffet

welcomes your jokes. Lord Grunge and Grape-a-Don take influences such as Public Enemy and the Ghetto Boys and slap their asses with a bit of urban wit. Lord Grunge explains the genius of their jams: "Sometimes we'll come up with an idea, preferably a funky one, and build a song around that. Other times, we'll jam out the instrumental first and rap over that. But most times, we come up with ideas that are so intense and so funky, we have to destroy them shortly thereafter. In fact, we have come up with tracks that are just too hot to exist."

And isn't self-confidence what hip-hop is all about, kids? Sure, the boys in Grand Buffet rap about money, but they also rap about candy and the dangers of smoking on their latest release, Cigarette Beach, and they commit enough in-jokes to vinyl to get arrested. In addition to a soon- to-be-released album called Pittsburgh Hearts, GB has a children's album coming out. "It's true," explains Lord Grunge. "It's a side project called Gorilla and Fox, and we do cute, accessible pop songs for people of all ages. We have one about a lost cat and one about a tree house. People really seem to go apeshit over them."

Grand Buffet brings its East Coast party to the Lounge for one night only, and Lord Grunge wants everyone to know the party rules: "You have to have the right tunes, make sure there's enough blow to go around, and make sure the room isn't bugged."

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