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American Pie

If America is a melting pot, then Miami is a bakery, and its neighborhoods are its ovens. What comes out of them is lovely, but so resolutely individualistic that you’d never want to stick them together in a broth. The Gables crystallizes into a luxurious middlebrow Valhalla, South Beach explodes nightly in subtrop decadence, and bandana-wearing Wynwoodians busily maintain their District’s rep as the warmest, Latin-est boho enclave in the country. The Bakehouse Art Collective, tucked away in Wynwood, was once a bakery, back when Miami hitched up with the tail end of American industrialization. But the BAC (561 NW 32nd St., Miami) — a massive, three-acre artists’ collective that produces, displays, and sells art — still retains a certain baker’s sensibility. This is evidenced by the BAC’s new exhibition, “Walls Without Boundaries,” a showcase of Miami’s benign disunities, idiosyncrasies, and insane multiplicities that doesn’t even try to make them cohesive. Mid-career Miami artists of all background will show their work here through October 3. Visit, or call 305-576-2828 for more info.
Sept. 28-Oct. 3, 2008
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Brandon K. Thorp