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An Island Fit For A Criminal

If New Times existed in the 1930s, you almost surely would have seen something in the Pulp about how Al Capone was planning to build a mansion on an island just off the coast of Boca Raton. And later, how that move was thwarted by residents who didn't want him as a neighbor. This publication aside, have you ever heard about that at all? Or, a better question yet: Are you even aware of the existence of Capone Island? If not, you certainly have much more to learn than the fact that it exists, and that it got its nickname long ago, back when it was actually a peninsula. The proper name for the 53.3 acres of land is Deerfield Island Park, and it's a very cool spot for reasons that have nothing to do with the notorious gangster. To learn all about the island's interesting history, and why it is a greater place to visit and explore now than it has ever been, head to the Intracoastal History Tour on the fourth Sunday of the month. $5 gets you a boat ride to and from the island, as well as the tour. The organizers of the tour ask that all folks interested in participating pre-register by calling 954-357-5100, and arrive by 9:30 a.m. at Sullivan Park (1601 E Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield). For more information, visit TRAVIS NEWBILLIf
Fourth Sunday of every month, 9:30 a.m. Starts: April 22. Continues through April 28, 2012
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