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Arrrghhh, mateys, to celebrate Shark Weekend at South Florida Science Museum, it’s “Pirates Night at the Museum.” On Friday, toss on your pirate garb (all ages welcome) and win some booty and pillage the museum’s dig pit (loot will be hidden). Sure, pirates face many brain teasers at sea, but here at the museum, there’s a whole section dedicated to them, and getting them wrong won’t send ya to Davy Jones’ Locker. Observe the night sky in the observatory — and there’s no need for you to sleep on the decks. Be more of a scientist than a criminal and grab a sneak peak of the museum’s new “It’s a Nano World” exhibit. Play with the landlubber’s “Bugs! Exhibit.” Behold the wonders of Ollie the Octopus’ powerful suction cups. How fortunate for ya — not every pirate gets to see a real lunar rock sample or take a trip time-traveling back to ancient Egypt. Shiver me timbers, buccaneers: What other natural danger do pirates face the most, besides storms, than sharks? On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll get to pet a living shark, dig for some shark teeth in the pit, make yourself a fine shark-tooth necklace, and learn. Tickets cost $6 for kids, $10 for adults on Friday; $8.95 and $11.95 on Saturday and Sunday at South Florida Science Museum (4801 Dreher Trail N., West Palm Beach.) Call 561-832-1988.
Fri., Jan. 28, 6 p.m., 2011
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Mickie Centrone

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