Anime Day

A- N- I’m- E- LIVES!
A- N- I’m- E- LIVES!

It’s so easy!
Joyful Yankee blue jeans!
Super Con is in Davie!
We have costumes and games!
Woot, woot, woot, woot, hai, hai, hai, hai!

Anime! Anime!
Otaku Dance Party is you!
Anime! Anime!
Come dressed as Sailor Moon!
Play Wii and Xbox 360 games for happy time fun!
And everybody say, Anime!

Naruto makes you an autograph! (Lucky!)
Shoot your portrait with other cosplay fans!
Tomorrow is bright because karaoke!
Look at that noob dance!
He goes, "Leet, leet, leet, leet, pwn, pwn, pwn, pwn!"


Join the fun as Anime Day hits the Davie P.A.L. Center (4300 SW 57th Terr., Davie). Watch anime, enter costume contests, dance to Emergency Pizza Party, and generally get your otaku on from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets cost just $8 ($10 at the door). Visit
Sat., Feb. 23, 2008

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John Linn