Are You Ready For Some Football?

For NFL fans, the opening day of the football season is the most fabled day of the year -- and Thursday night's game featuring the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts should house enough storylines for a whole season's worth of sports columns. What will win out: America's affection for a team that rose from the ashes of Katrina, or the arm of Peyton Manning, the most loveable sports figure since Ickey Woods? Plus, there's speculation that the Saints would have had a better chance than the Bears of matching the Colt's high-power offense during last year's Super Bowl.

But in truth, the stellar match up is only one part of the opening day experience. The other comes from finding a killer venue to watch the action unfold. And if you really want to capture the spirit of Orleans, then check out the game at Rosey Baby Crawfish and Cajun House (4587 N. University Dr., Lauderhill). That's not only because the Babe will be offering $1 off all their drafts, $10 domestic and $14 imported buckets, and $5 Jaeger bombs during the game, but because it'll also be serving up Nawlin's style blue crabs all night: spicy little crustaceans boiled the traditional Louisiana way. Supplement the little buggers with a full menu of Cajun classics, and you've got a celebration worthy of the big game. Call 954-749-5627.
Thu., Sept. 6, 7 p.m.

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John Linn