Art School in a Can

So you’re the next Rembrandt, but you know absolutely squat about pimping your magnum opus to the kingpins of the world? That’s a quandary which, if left untreated, could pigeonhole even the most brilliant artisans of acrylic in a dead-end beat like (shudder) comic book inker. Conveniently, art consultant Ed Weber is hosting an Artist Lecture Series designed to steer budding artists toward a future unplagued by hard times or watercolors collecting dust in the garage.

For his seminar, Weber unmasks the oft-bewildering realm of commercial art, endowing attendees with the know-how to market those treasured paintings to galleries, and to ensure they’re mass-reproduced on the best substrate. Other topics include the difference between lithographs, limited editions, and serigraphs; the perils of self-representation; a clayboard vs. canvas comparison; and the most crucial lifeline, how to avoid a coronary by opting for cheap Giclee printing. It’s a cutthroat biz out there, so huddle ´round the worldly art vet tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Léche Vitrines Art Alliance (3038 . Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale). Seats cost $25 but are limited, so RSVP by August 24. Call 954-563-5658, or email [email protected] to reserve.
Mon., Aug. 27, 7:30 p.m.

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Phillip Valys