Art Walk Renamed “Art Stumble”

Have you ever had one of those magical nights where you run into all of your favorite people, get the perfect level of drunk without going over, and somehow end it all with nearly as much cash as you started? Odds are, if you have had one such out-of-wallet experience, it happened at a Wynwood Art Walk.

As much a booze scavenger hunt as it is a gallery-sampling mission, the walks are a chance to park your ride, form a pack, and tackle Miami’s cultural enclave, the Wynwood District on that one glorious night that it hands out complimentary wine.

You’ll find interesting openings, like tonight’s unveiling of “Perpendicularity,” the new photo exhibit by landscape photographer Mark Indig at Dot Fiftyone Gallery (51 NW 36th St., Wynwood). The LA-based shutterbug showcases places that carry a natural architectural quality while still feeling temporary, like traveling carnivals. If you need more structure and permanence, go German. BKHF Gallery (1929 NW First Ave., Wynwood) is opening its latest exhibit “German Photography Today,” and the collection of artists it has contributing is impressive. From Thomas Ruff to Candida Höfer, you’ll find yourself surrounded by Germany’s best while you scavenge for free drinks. The best part? The whole thing is free.
Sat., Sept. 13, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin