Athenian Bar-Hopping

University is all about edification. Whether it’s understanding the sociopolitical movements that spurred postmodern feminism, racial inequity in the current judicial system, changes in financial regulation that led to the Great Recession, or just how long you can suspend upside down while sucking down Natty Light straight from a keg, it’s about expanding your frame of reference. For most of us, those days of regimented learning have come and gone; however, there’s always an opportunity to fine-tune those scholarly achievements in higher education. America’s Backyard is kicking off 2015 with a bit of friendly collegiate competition. On Thursday, it’s hosting the Beer Olympics during its weekly College Night. Starting at 8 p.m., the bar reinvents itself as a veritable frat house with $1 drinks during beat the clock, flip cup, giant Jenga, beer battle shots, battle of the sexes, and as much beer pong as your inebriated heart desires. Serious competitors can even RSVP to kill the keg. The New Year’s Day’s festivities are the perfect opportunity to get in some practice. Next week, on Thursday, January 8, the bar is holding a Beer Pong Tournament to find the best drunk sportsmen in the area. Just eight teams can participate in the single-elimination championship — which means you’ll need to loosen up those wrists beforehand. Teams of two must sign up in advance. The cost to partake is $20 per team, which includes unlimited beer until midnight. To enroll, email [email protected] America’s Backyard is located at 100 SW Third Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Visit
Thu., Jan. 1, 2015
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Sara Ventiera