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Back Away From the Processed Crap

It's been centuries since Hippocrates uttered his oft-quoted line about letting "food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Turns out, the old guy was on to something. Learn more about using wholesome foods with a healing touch at Saturday's fundraiser for the Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group (SCNWG). The nonprofit group -- founded by 24-year-old T.J. Brown, who's a sickle cell anemia survivor himself -- advocates healthy lifestyles and holistic healing. As such, the fundraising event is focused on positive vibes and outreach and will include a variety of wellness-based vendors. Thought Coalition and American Sweatshop will oversee the completion of live drawing by artists like Paul McEnery, Shane Watt, and Brown, plus others. Guests can throw in their two cents on a smaller-scale communal drawing. Musical entertainment includes individual performances by Montage, Astro­kats, Amore Delirium, and Army Gideon and a concluding jam session featuring all of the acts together. The SCNWG fundraiser is at 6 p.m. Saturday at IWAN the Bubble's gallery, located at 810 NE Fourth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $10, and raffle tickets will be sold for a $5 to $10 donation. Call 561-929-4454, or visit
Sat., March 2, 6 p.m., 2013
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Tricia Woolfenden

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