The Seven Best South Florida Bars to Watch NFL Games, Based on Your Team

The Seven Best South Florida Bars to Watch NFL Games, Based on Your Team
Courtesy of Funky Buddha
If you attended last weekend's record-breaking, seven-plus-hour Miami Dolphins game, you know that going to a football game can be more trouble than it's worth. Between the rising prices of, well, everything, the traffic, and the overall declining on-field product, staying local and opting to spend a fraction of the money and time at a local sports bar or pub makes much more sense. Plus, if you happen to be a fan of an out-of-town team, you have no choice other than to seek out a great place to watch the game or drop hundreds of dollars on an NFL ticket.

Finding a good place to watch the game is only half the battle, though. Finding a friendly environment with like-minded fans cheering for the same team is top priority. It's never been more important than it is today to have a go-to place to watch your favorite NFL team disappoint you each Sunday. Here are several options.
Courtesy of Funky Buddha
1. For Miami Dolphins fans: Funky Buddha Brewery. As if you needed another reason to visit the biggest and baddest brewery in all of Florida, Funky Buddha in Oakland Park is the undisputed headquarters for Fins fans looking for a tailgating-esque experience without paying $25 for parking. It's long been known that Funky Buddha is partial to the Dolphins — the brewery releases a limited-edition beer every year when the last team in the NFL fails to match the Dolphins 1972 undefeated season — but that's not the biggest reason to watch a Fins game here every week. Those reasons, of course, would be beer, food, and TVs, the only things that truly matter to football fans. Every week during games, Funky pours some of its rarest, most limited-edition-holy-crap-who-came-up-with-this beers and offers food specials from its amazing onsite craft kitchen. 1201 NE 38th St, Oakland Park; 954-440-0046;
Courtesy of Hammerjacks
2. For New York Jets fans: Hammerjacks. So you're a Jets fan. Here you are. That happened. There is no going back now (unless you're Fireman Ed), so you might as well find your tribe. (And we might as well help you do that, mainly so you're all in one place and not bothering the rest of us.) Hammerjacks is a bar inside a bowling alley were Jets fans stage watch parties every week. You might think the previous sentence is a joke, but it's a totally serious thing on which we are totally not passing judgment. Not only is Hammerjacks a Jets bar, but also, according to our in-depth research (asking Jets fans), it is the only Jets bar in South Florida that matters. 5325 S. University Dr., Davie; 954-434-9663;
Courtesy of Shuck-N-Dive Cajun Cafe
3. For New Orleans Saints fans: Shuck-N-Dive Cajun Café. Shuck-N-Dive is as "Nawlins" as it gets in South Florida, so you know it has to be the place to catch Saints games. If you can't order a proper turtle soup (prices vary), a dozen oysters ($23 on special), and an entire feast of crawfish (five pounds for $42, on special last weekend), are you even at a Saints bar? The answer is no. No, you are not. People don't normally become Saints fans by accident. These aren't the Cowboys we're talking about here. So if you're a fan of the New Orleans and need a truly authentic taste of home in addition to a place to watch the game, you can do no better than Shuck-N-Dive. The food is so good you'll want to order something to "geaux." 650 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale; 954-462-0088;
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