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Bi Man, Big Laughs

Homer Simpson once asserted that the only people who wear Hawaiian shirts are gay guys and big, fat party animals. We’re not much interested in Gabriel Iglesias’s sexual orientation, but the boisterous, tropical shirt-sporting comic undoubtedly embodies the latter group. The former All That cast member actually refers to himself as “fluffy,” an intriguing nugget of personal information he reveals in his joke about the five “levels of fatness.” (If you’re curious, fluffy is level four, stouter than “husky” but lighter than “damn!”) Iglesias has collected a healthy amount of praise, including Comedy Central’s Special of the Year award in 2003. (His 2007 Hot and Fluffy DVD has also sold more than 200,000 copies, but who’s counting?) Iglesias’s massive stage presence does not depend solely on his size; with storytelling skill complemented by an arsenal of voices and sound effects, the man has earned his fan base. And he works clean, so bring the kids.
June 5-7, 2009
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Blake Whitaker
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