Black-Green History-Art Month-Month

The last time somebody went to war with February, it was a disaster. That was when Elisabeth Achelis, of Brooklyn, spent 25 years lobbying various international authorities to endorse her “World Calendar” concept, which would have burdened February with an unthinkable two extra days. She worked tirelessly to gain acceptance for her calendar and seemed on the verge of succeeding, when certain religious factions in her own country rose up and smote her. Defeated, she died in obscurity of a terrible affliction (old age).

Now, local luminary and crazy person Kapone Is ILL is taking on February with his art exhibition “Kapone Is ILL Vs. Black History Month” at the South Regional/BCC Library (7300 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines). Woe to him, but bully for us: Mr. Is ILL is not only one of the most technically competent artists in the hyper inflated SoFla art world; he is also one of the most fun. Thrill to the geometric lines and edible colors of the collage called “Absolut Chocolate Happy Girl”; larf and applaud at the update of Piccaso’s “The Dream” called “What Picasso?” (complete with earring, toothpick, and can of spray paint). Pieces will be half off the listed price, which were cheap anyway, so bring the checkbook. And while there, try to figure out what Mr. Is Ill is actually doing to battle Black History Month. One clue might be this: With all art created from water-based paints and scavenged materials, Is Ill’s February is looking decidedly green. Visit
Feb. 18-29, 2008

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Brandon K. Thorp