Boys, Baseball, Beer and Billiards

Sidelines is a fantastic place. A clean, well-lit and perpetually busy spot in Wilton Manors (specifically at 2031 Wilton Dr., right next to The Naked Grape and One Tea Lounge), the clientele is loud and fun and the staff are friendly. Sidelines is also Wilton’s lone gay sports bar, and as such it’s got all the sweaty fist-pumpingness of your local hetero sports bar without any of the agro. At Sidelines, there are no fights when the Mets thrash the Marlins, as they did two Tuesdays ago. This is notable, because on that day the punters at Sidelines were drunk — giddy on the cheap pitchers of beer the staff had been slinging all night: $10 for domestic and $12 for imported. They do this every Tuesday, and it seldom turns ugly. Maybe that’s because queers are mellow about their sports, or maybe it’s because they’re distracted by the free billiards table on offer from 2 p.m. till close. Or maybe they don’t care. In fact, that’s probably it — even straight people don’t fight over the Marlins. But at Sidelines, you can get happily, peaceably soused regardless of who’s playing. Visit, or call 954-563-8001.
Tuesdays, 2008
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Brandon K. Thorp