Brazilian Summer

SAT 7/19

It makes sense that South Florida would have a Brazilian celebration. So much in common, from the sandy beaches to the scantily clad populace to... well, maybe that's about all we have in common. But that doesn't stop Hollywood from throwing the Brazilian Summer Carnival, centered on the main beach parking lot (along Ocean Way between First and Second streets, Hollywood) from 6 to 11 p.m. Originally scheduled as a smaller concert to be held Friday, the event pulled in so many performers that it was moved to Saturday and expanded to accommodate all the samba dancers and conga lines that will surely be snaking through the parking lot and beyond. Along with stalls featuring Brazilian food and goods, a long list of entertainment is set for the stage. The Nacao Samba School opens the show at 7 p.m., followed by a live samba band, a bossa nova singer, and a group of other acts that highlight music the South American way. Following a capoeira demonstration, the music picks up with rock band Power Chord before heading back into traditional Brazil with a Brazilian swing band. Finally, at 10 p.m., a mixed Brazilian band wraps up the evening's entertainment and revelers begin the long conga line home. Admission is free. Call 954-480-4433. -- Dan Sweeney

TUE 7/22

Hipped to Egypt

Hieroglyphs aren't just for dead guys anymore

If you're like most people, you were an Egyptian pharaoh and/or high priest in a former life. After all, it seems that anyone who has gone through past-life regression therapy was one or the other. This life seems to be bandied about by people in the past-lives crowd in sort of the same way that the shy crowd in junior high talked about their girlfriends in Canada; it seems awfully sincere, but you know it's bullshit. Still, if you want to see how your homies would have given you a shoutout in your past Egyptian life, you need to check out World in Harmony Foundation's "Your Name in Hieroglyphs" event at North Regional/BCC Library (1100 Coconut Creek Blvd., Coconut Creek) from 2 to 3 p.m. Participants learn about old Egyptian culture and writing before leaving with their very own name written in hieroglyphs, suitable for hanging before your mausoleum entrance, along with an appropriate curse to ward off grave robbers. Admission is free. Call 954-201-2601. -- Dan Sweeney

FRI 7/18

Get Cultured

Just don't expect Boy George

Let's face it, there's not much for teenagers to do in South Florida during the summer besides hang out in the parking lot of Taco Bell. Well, the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art (601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth) now offers something for those who are too old for summer camp but still too young to venture into seedy South Florida bars. "Culture Club" is a monthly gathering for teens aiming to combat boredom in this air-conditioned nightmare. Enjoy live DJs spinning hip-hop and take in a screening of Style Wars, Tony Silver's amazing 1983 documentary on New York City subway graffiti artists. Sure beats hanging out at the mall. Starts at 6 p.m. Call 561-582-0006. -- Audra Schroeder

SAT 7/19

New Day Rising

If you're in the mood for a relaxing morning walk to calm your soul and clear your head or even if you've got a wicked nasty hangover, Morikami Japanese Gardens (4000 Morikami Park Rd., Delray Beach) has a remedy. It offers "Sunrise Walks" every Saturday morning until September through the garden's winding nature trails. The walks start at 7 a.m. and the cost is $5 for nonmembers, free for members. Call 561-495-0233. -- Audra Schroeder

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