Broward Beach Awards: The Ten Best Beach Spots We Found This Summer

This summer, New Times set out to find the best beach in Broward. Mission accomplished — congratulations, Fort Lauderdale Beach! On our journey, though, we came across all sorts of places we had either forgotten about, taken for granted for years, or straight-up didn't know about. The Best Beach series reminded us that Broward County has some of the best beaches in the entire country, and we're pretty damn lucky to have them all at our disposal 365 days a year. 

So, what were the best Broward beach spots we encountered this summer? Let's give out some awards. 

10. Best Spot to Read a Book: Deerfield Beach.

Maybe all the times we visited Deerfield Beach through the years we just tended to overlook the less-flashy things, but the grass that sits before the beach there is a tremendous place to catch up on some light reading. Granted, it's not the most exciting award to win, but it's the little things that count. We aren't 19 anymore, so beaches aren't just a place we go to funnel some Natural Ice and do tequila shots. We do that still, but it's not just for that anymore. 

This spot on Deerfield Beach is low-key chill for diving into the pages — not for jello shots. Okay, maybe that too.

9.  Best Place to Read the New Times With a Cup of Coffee: Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Maybe we should have called this award Best Place to Be a Grandpa, but that seemed less inclusive. This courtyard just outside of the Aruba Café on Lauderdale-by-the-Sea might be the most versatile beach spot we came across during our journeys. This spot was filled with people reading, playing Pokémon Go, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, and playing corn hole. It was everything the beach should be in a nutshell. 

It's also the perfect place to read the completely free New Times with a cup of coffee. Please? Thank you. 

8. The Best Place to Drink an IPA: Hyde Beach at Hallandale Beach.

An Indian Pale Ale taste good at many beachside bars, but for our money, it tastes best at Hyde Beach. This little bar tucked behind Hyde Kitchen is the perfect place to get out of the sun and get your buzz on. It's not the biggest or most luxurious bar, but it was the best bar we came across this summer.

This is the sort of bar you sit at while the kids are playing by the pool with the relatives. Can't you just picture watching the Miami Hurricanes game here with a stiff Funky Buddha Hop Stimulator on a sunny Saturday afternoon? We can, and we did. 

7. Best Place to Smoke a Joint (If That's Your Sort of Thing): Hillsboro Inlet.

To be clear, we did not do this one. Are you a member of law enforcement? It doesn't matter, because we didn't anyway. Seriously. But if you were to do this sort of thing, this would be a dope spot to do it. (See what I did there? Not sorry about it.)

In all seriousness, though, this place is legitimately one of the nicest spots in Broward, and you should be doing things there. What those things are is up to you. 

6. Best Place to Pretend You're in an Episode of Bloodlines: Coconuts (Fort Lauderdale).

Coconuts is well-known, but that doesn't mean we don't take it for granted once in a while. It just feelsé like South Florida at Coconuts. You get the feeling that Netflix could make an entire show based off the waitstaff there — like Scrubs, but for restaurants.

The view is the sort of thing you bring out-of-towners to see. It was striking how beautiful it was the day we visited this past month, and it was clear everyone was enjoying their time there. Don't sleep on Coconuts; it's still awesome. 

5. Best Place to Take a Date for Your First Kiss: Dania Beach.

I said kiss — don't get arrested. The above photo was of the sunrise, but unless you and you're date have had one hell of a first date, the sunset will do. I'm also assuming if you are still on a date at 7 a.m., you've definitely already kissed. Dania Beach isn't anything to write home about, really, but it's an underrated spot for those of you who want to go to the beach without wrestling all the randoms. It's also very, very beautiful. 

This would be the ideal quiet place to take a date if you're looking to sneak in that first kiss. Just a kiss, though — don't be weird.

4. The Best Pier to Jump Off Of: Anglins Fishing Pier (Fort Lauderdale).

New Times just named this the Best Cheap Thrill in Broward, so yeah, we are putting it on the list to remind you. This was hands-down the best pier we visited this summer for a multitude of reasons, the most exciting of which is straight-up ejecting yourself from its wooden planks into the ocean below.

It is, after all, still the summer; it's the best time to be a little out of your mind. 

3. Best Place to Meet Your Match on Tinder: Hollywood Broadwalk.

Hollywood Broadwalk is the place you go to meet the single you met on Tinder. It's the place where summer flings are born (and probably die). An added bonus of this Tinder meetup location: It's as public as it gets, so you probably won't be abducted. Probably.

This spot was bustling with young people who probably have Tinder and could might be your next ex, which makes it the most summer meeting place ever. 

2. Best Place to Walk Your Dog: Deerfield Beach.

Few things feel more like summer than taking the pooch for a stroll down by the beach. Your dog always has a happy face on, but when you take him or her to the beach the saliva increases, which we think means they are thanking you for an awesome day. Deerfield Beach was our favorite stretch of beach for you and your best pal to enjoy. 

If you don't have a dog, this is also a perfectly fine place to take a margarita for a walk. That's pretty summer too. 

1. Best Beach to Take Your Relatives From Nebraska: Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Fort Lauderdale won our Best Beach award, so it's obviously the place we feel you would most want to take your out-of-town kin. What makes Fort Lauderdale Broward's answer to South Beach isn't just the name that carries so much cache, but the views, beach, people, restaurants, and bars that back it all up. 

Your grandma from Omaha doesn't want to go to Dania Beach and watch the planes landing; she wants to buy a postcard on Fort Lauderdale beach of the place she's standing. Do you want to be mean to your grandma? No? Then, this is where you should take her next summer — or by Wednesday before the summer ends. 
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