Bully for You

Bulldogs: masters of finding the quickest way around a giant meatball or finding the sweetest, worn-in resting spot on the coach. But Bulldogs as masters of sport and athleticism? Eh, sure that could be a tough sell, but hidden under their many adorable layers and skin folds are true, brawny Olympians gunning for their next shot at a medal. In its 19th year, the Bullympics returns to T.Y. Park (3300 N. Park Road, Hollywood, Pavilions 5 and 6) on Saturday in an attempt to prove this. Held by the Buddies Thru Bullies English bulldog rescue, the Bullympics includes obstacle courses, two-inch hurdles, costume contests, a silent auction, raffles, a giant meet-up atmosphere for bully enthusiasts, awards for categories including biggest bully and youngest bully, and a grill, ’cause a bully’s gotta eat. There will also be a special spot for the Bulldoggery, a small shop for dog goodies. Registration begins at 10 a.m. with a $20 entry fee for any competing dog. The games begin at 11 a.m. Two- and four-legged spectators are welcome. All proceeds raised will help Buddies Thru Bullies and its rescue efforts throughout the year. Call 305-773-2539, or visit buddiesthrubullies.org to register. Preregistration is suggested.
Sat., Feb. 21, 2015
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Terra Sullivan