But Have You Seen it… On Weed?

Taking a gander at the work of painter/photographer Rick Smukler would suggest one of two things: (1) This former trial lawyer-turned-artist might have created them while on some type of hallucinogens (please don’t sue us) or (2) hallucinogens of some type might help you to decode it. Unless, of course, gazing into a swirl of shapes and colors that collide on canvas like mini Pangaeas is something you can do sober. It is? Then by all means head down to the opening reception of Smukler’s work, this Friday at 7 p.m. at Michael Joseph Artists’ Haven Gallery (2757 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Ft Lauderdale).

Course, it’s more than just zany looking mind-fucks. Smukler finds a certain order in chaos, perhaps given to him by a background in litigation. Plus he’ll be paired up alongside photographer Scott B. Smith. Think of Smith’s vivid photos of landscapes and architecture as the sort of “straight man” to Smukler’s devolution. Always present is the work of gallery owner Michael Joseph, whose stark black-and-white photography plays with the natural shapes and forms in cityscapes and skyscrapers. See, something for everyone. Admission is free; Sunfish Grill will provide complimentary vino to keep the gallery-goers hydrated (and hopefully, loopy). Call 954-563-5157, or visit www.artistshavengallery.com.
Feb. 8-March 10, 2008

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John Linn