But Is She A Seaworthy Vessel?

You have the soul of a sea captain, but the wallet of a deck hand. If only you could craft a vessel from inexpensive materials, then you could proudly float through the Intracoastal, exchanging knowing nods with other water-bound explorers.

What’s less expensive and more abundant than cardboard?

Yes, yes, we know: cardboard and water are not traditional allies. That’s not stopping the City of Hollywood Marina (700 Polk St., Hollywood) from throwing the first Cardboard Boat Race this Saturday in honor of National Marina Day! You heard us. Around 7 a.m. would-be sailors will start huddling around their blueprints, attempting to turn the competitive tide in their favor. Duct tape is allowed, as is latex paint and caulk, but little else stands between each crew and one slow, wet, sink into the drink. There will be trophies for First, Second, Third, Most Enthusiastic Team, and yes, even Most Spectacular Sinking. “It kinda takes the fear factor out of it;” says Scott Gebhard, the event’s organizer, “If you sink, you can still win!” So far 20 teams have signed up for this exercise in futility; Mr. Gebhard expects more to jump on board by Saturday. The race begins at 1 p.m. Call 954-921-3035.
Sat., Aug. 9, 1 p.m., 2008

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Jamie Laughlin