Can I Get an Amen?

It’s tough being holy during the holidays. Sinners pack your church to maximum capacity in an impulsive effort for atonement, leaving you – the good church-goer – in the standing room only section, with no clear view of the preacher over that steaming cloud of hypocrisy. It’s enough to make you explore other avenues for your salvation needs, and if those avenues include bottomless champagne mimosas and glamorous drag queen choir girls – well hell, so be it.

Sunday Gospel Brunch at Lips (1421 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park) is South Florida’s newest revival of choice. Here’s why: You get a dose of religion during either of the two services (11 and 1:30), when the Sisters of Sequins (a drag gospel choir decked out in requisite robes) makes you raise your hands in repentance and shout “hallelujah!” But wait – it gets better. Instead of some lousy communion wafer or sip of wine, you get your choice of club sandwiches, eggs benedict, pasta, bottomless cocktails and other yummy things you won’t find at an er, more traditional chapel. You don’t need to be baptized to attend, but you do need a reservation. Call 954-567-0987. Brunch costs $16.50, that’s practically a widow’s mite.
Sundays, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin