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Chill Out

Oh, to remember a night that happened nine months ago is tough. The explicit details, the likes and dislikes. The Night + Day section loves previewing events for you, and every so often when we’ve attended the event previously, we can give you more of a review. Last February, Chillounge transformed the Great Lawn’s grounds into a chill lounge. Indeed, the “lounge” part was the hundreds of squishy daybeds scattered throughout the park. Yes, after paying 20 bucks at the door, you got a free bed for five hours (price went up five bucks this year). The “chill” part of the Chillounge experience was not anything like a nightclub, though. Because how chill is fierce, unexpected drumming during the Samba Parade, but then again, you got to see some skin during the parade. Samba dancers were wearing red, beaded bikini outfits. At one point, 20 women over age 50 danced on stage to a live band covering “Brick House,” and a young businesswoman said she felt she was at a wedding. Again, this year, there will be a Shy Figaro runway fashion show, and they’ve added a daybed parade this time (at least, we don’t remember seeing those daybeds marching around last time). Music will be provided by Alex Romano, complemented with her music fusion band as well as another musical guest, Terry Cooper with his band.

Presale tickets cost $20, $25 at the door. VIP tickets cost $100 and come with complimentary food and drink. The daybeads open up at 6 p.m., and the night will benefit the Nat King Cole Generation Hope Inc. Find Old School Square at 51 N. Swinton Ave., in Delray Beach. Call 888-695-0888, or visit
Sat., Feb. 5, 6 p.m., 2011

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Mickie Centrone

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