Circular Thinking

The great thing about art is that you can make up your own stories. Take the new exhibit “Connecting the Dots: The Union Series” by James Goodwill. The intricate detail on Goodwill’s acrylic lines and pinpoints unite to form circular spheres, some with tiny bursts and vine-like ruptures, others more unified, with faint warbles along their surfaces. You could say it represents life in its many stages, from nucleus to fertility to planetary occupant, and you wouldn’t be wrong. To the artist it’s a statement about global integration, the fusing of human relationships through mass-media, and its role in how our species develops.

However interpreted, the paintings are beautifully layered acrylic on aluminum, so whether or not you successfully concoct your own story of their origin, you’re sure to appreciate their aesthetic balance. Enjoy Goodwill’s dots on many levels Saturday -- and even chat with him about them – during the opening reception at Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance (3038 N. Federal Hwy., Times Square Design Plaza, Building F., Second floor, Fort Lauderdale) from 7 to 10 p.m.. The event is free and there will be wine and cheese. Call 954-563-2993, or visit
Sat., Nov. 10, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin