C'mon! Howl at the Moonfest!

Whether you’ve spent moments or months creating your Halloween outfit, you want to wear it to the best party possible. The ideal event would let you roam with friends, but still talk to strangers. It would block off traffic so that you can safely stumble drunkenly from one beer stand to the next. And if we’re talking wish lists, let’s go all the way: The absolute perfect Halloween party would promote dozens of local bands, scare you with a haunted house, have a carnival, street performers, and a giant costume contest (for pets and humans alike) — oh yeah, and it would be free.

Can you believe this magical place actually exists? It does. Just ask any of the costumed thousands who pack West Palm’s annual bash, Moonfest.

This year’s installment is bigger and grander than ever. Lynn University is flaunting fab frocks at a 9 p.m. fashion show, and the brand new pet costume contest (6:30 p.m.) will make everyone’s tail wag (although, it should be mentioned that if your pup goes as Snoopy, Old Yeller, or Lassie, it’s totally cheating.) Of course, the main reason folks go year after year is to sample the best local music in South Florida. This year’s selected bands are: the Sleeparounds, the Young Punks, Coexist Scientist, Spread the Dub, Viva le Vox, Kill Miss Pretty, Fire Zuave, Dharmata, and Gloccamorra. Grab your party posse, fluff your tail feathers, and hit up the blocked-off blocks of Clematis Street for the best free party of the year. Visit moonfest.org.
Sat., Oct. 25, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin