Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You

So it’s Thursday night, and you’re not sure if you want to go out. Cocktails with some friends sound nice, but that gets expensive fast. You could just as easily hole up in your apartment and work on a bottle of tequila while watching TiVo’d episodes of the Love Boat. But that’s no fun for anyone, dude. Why not grab your bottle and your friends and hop on board a more inviting vessel: the Hakuna Matata. The 50-foot catamaran can be your gateway to love, exciting and new (or just a night of alcohol-fueled adventure) when it plays host to the B.Y.O.B. Sunset Cruise. The ship sets sail each Thursday night at 5 p.m. from the Riviera Beach Marina (200 E. 13 St., Riviera Beach), and the course is as capricious as the action on deck -- which leads to other questions, like, “Which wine pairs best with the view of lavish Palm Beach Island mansions?” or “Do Coronas really enhance the effects of the sun setting on Macarthur Park?” Since you’re footing the booze bill, friends, the answer is entirely up to you! The cruise costs $20. Make a reservation by calling 561-881-9757, or visit for more info.
Thu., Jan. 3, 2008
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John Linn