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' Tis the art season

THU 12/9

If you can get past the giant crowd that surrounds the even more gargantuan Christmas tree at Delray Beach's Old School Square, you can check out four new exhibits inside the Cornell Museum of Art and History (51 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach). Old School Square kicks it really old school with "Music to their Ears," an exhibit of 75 miscellaneous tune-producing devices built between 1810 and 1950, including music boxes, phonographs, pocket watches, and player pianos. It'll make you think twice about scoffing at your friend's record collection.

The more conventional of the exhibits, "Ideas Revisited: The Art of Phyllis Blair," features oil paintings, watercolors, and sculptures by the artist, who helped found the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. It's pretty standard stuff compared to "Fine Art in Miniature," which features anything from tiny bronze sculptures to watercolor paintings (shown above) that could fit on a postcard. You might want to bring your reading glasses. Conversely, the interactive exhibit "A Stroll through Lena's Neighborhood" allows viewers to walk through a full-sized installation of Karen Katz's book The Colors of Us. And to think, all those people outside are staring at a tree.

"A Stroll Through Lena's Neighborhood" runs through May 22; the other exhibits run through January 16. Call 561-243-7922. -- Jason Budjinski

House Gallery

Home is where the art is

SAT 12/11

All right, so you're not the gallery type. It's understandable. You'd really like to check out the artwork, but the environment's a little too high-brow for your liking. Well, you can thank the folks at RaZoo Gallery for hooking up with local artist Candice Russell, who hosts a special exhibit at her home, located at 421 W. Tropical Way, Plantation. In addition to RaZoo's outsider, folk, and traditional arts and crafts, Russell is offering up her own collection of Haitian voodoo flags, paintings, and sculptures. Some of it's for sale; some isn't. Some of it's inexpensive; some -- that depends on your income, doesn't it? Swing by from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday for some arts, crafts, food, and beverages. Call 954-792-9887 or 954-663-3888. -- Jason Budjinski

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