Courage. Bravery. Cinnabon.

Early man understood that a quest’s outcome was a deal breaker. Victory was synonymous with tribal respect, and when your tribe loved you? Well, the ladies and animal pelts followed.

Saturday, you won’t storm a castle, hunt a bloodthirsty coyote, or slay a centaur to prove your mettle. But if your team wants to win the Amazing Mall Race, it might need to know the price of shoelaces down at the Foot Locker.

The event is sectioned into three rounds: Roadblock, Detour, and Mall Trivia. In Roadblock, you and your partner will have to locate specific artifacts throughout the Sawgrass Mills labyrinth and answer questions about them. Bring spending money for Detour; you’ll need it to purchase random scavenger-hunt items. Finally, in the Mall Trivia round (or “Lightning Round,” for those with iPhones), you’ll be asked specific questions like, “How many entrances are there in Sawgrass Mills?”

The winning team will score a nice bar tab of at least 75 bucks and the respect of its tribe; runners-up will be gifted smaller prizes and a minor amount of limelight. Registration is $20 for each two-person team, and it begins at 6 p.m. at Gameworks. Extra points are awarded for matching uniforms. Gameworks is located at 2608 Sawgrass Mills Circle in Sunrise. Call 954-845-8740.
Sat., March 6, 6 p.m., 2010

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