Crüe Cut

Getting pleasure from singing along – nay, shouting along – with Mötley Crüe anthems is a pre-requisite to properly enjoying any Crüe concert. That’s partially because “Girls Girls Girls” sounds better when screamed by a stadium of Rag Magazine-reading fans, and also because Vince Neil is too wasted to remember the lyrics, so somebody’s got to pick up the slack.

This propensity for substance abuse comes as a shock to avid Neil enthusiasts, especially since the “Shout at the Devil” singer has spent so much of his life campaigning for humanitarian efforts. Take, for example, his August performance at the Exotic Dancer Hall of Fame: clearly, it was in support of women’s right to equal pay -- even if that equal pay is tucked snugly into a pink faux-fur G-string. Or his foray into marketing his own brands of tequila and wine -- a move that says “even though I’ve spent the better half of my life waking up on either a.) the sticky floor of a tour bus, or b.)the chest of a buxom blonde, I have a refined pallet.” And then there’s his outreach program for museum-grade art: the Vince Neil tattoo shop in Las Vegas.

While Mötley Crüe isn’t playing tonight’s Super Saturday showcase with Quiet Riot, Vince Neil is. He’ll be ripping out solo stuff with a backing band. The hair farming, double-act showcase is complimentary for those attending the Marlins/Mets game. Marlins tickets start at $12. Buy them at the gate, or at First pitch is at 3:55 p.m.
Sat., Sept. 22, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin