Creative and Thrifty? Sounds Like Art

Some business deals go down in seedy bars, others over a sweaty handshake. For the lunchroom film series, it happened in a civilized fashion over a proper midday meal of pulled pork and cobbler. Curator Mike Plante took filmmaker Roger Beebe out for lunch and pitched his lucrative offer: he would pick up the tab (all $32.37 of it), Beebe would make a film for the cost of the food in trade. But there were catches, like Beebe had to work in an autograph and reference Texas, dance, and Toni Basil (that’s right, the girl who finally popped into the public eye when she broke the hit song “Mickey” at age 39.) The resulting project -- a two minute, thirty second film called “TB TX Dance” – has since screened everywhere, including at Sundance.

That’s just how Beebe rolls. Tonight you can catch a collection of his work, called New Maps of the New World at PBCC’s Duncan Theater (4200 Congress Ave., Lake Worth). Beebe will be on hand to discuss the flicks and the whole thing only costs $10. Of course, if you bring three friends, you’ve just bankrolled his next big film. Call 561-868-3309, or visit
Thu., Sept. 20

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Jamie Laughlin