Crush Hot Pants Party

It's hard to imagine why hot pants — those tight, stretchy shorts that are oh-so-good for showing off your oh-so-bads — ever went out of style. Think about it: They're hipper (though less practical) than zipper pants; way better looking than skorts (the combination of skirt and short); and more revealing than daisy dukes. Well, for at least one night out of every year, hot pants will reign supreme. And that night is Thursday. Yes, it’s time for the fifth annual Crush Hot Pants Party — a dance event that promises to pack more ass than the cover of a 2 Live Crew album.

The electronic indie gathering is akin to an anniversary party for the long running Crush weekly, but it's also just a good excuse to see attractive bodies shoehorn their way into too-tight nylons. As a motivator (in case you needed one), Crush well be giving away drinks and gear from American Apparel to those who come in the "sassiest" getups (can you say “full body suit?”). On the aural side of things, This Heart Electric, a side project of Ricardo Guerrero of Miami's Animals of the Arctic, will be performing a set, and DJ Shaun Minus, the longtime Crush vet who now kicks it in Tampa, will return to man the decks. All this booty-shakin' madness and more takes place tonight at 10 at the latest Crush location, Sugar Lounge (3471 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale). Cover costs $5; the same amount will buy you vodka or rum drink specials throughout the night. Visit
Thu., July 17, 2008

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John Linn