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Dance Party, But Thankfully Not U.S.A.

Brazil is the Ferris Bueller of nation-states. Everyone loves Brazil, wants to party with Brazil, doesn’t care if Brazil doesn’t show up to the G20 meetings, and just hopes Brazil hasn’t dropped out or moved to some other planet. Seriously, Brazil, just hang here with us. We need you. Why? Because even your ancillary events are so much cooler than anything we can pull off, events such as this Sunday’s Miami Carnival, which will turn Bicentennial Park into a mini-Brazil, with DJs, bands, Caribbean food and drinks, dancing, and arts and crafts booths. The Rio-style parade with gorgeous Brazilian women in gravity-defying sequined costumes begins at noon, but you’ll want to be there by 9 a.m. That way, if you stay all the way to the end, at 11 p.m., your $20 entrance fee means you got to live in Brazil for 70 cents an hour. That’s a deal not even the Sausage King of Chicago, Abe Froman, could pull off.
Sun., Oct. 11, 9 a.m., 2009
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P. Scott Cunningham

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