Death by Chocolate? Bring it On

You don’t have a sweet tooth; you have a mouthful of sweet teeth (and hopefully, a dexterous dentist). And like any proper snack junkie, the promise of unlimited sugar-based snacks gives you an uncontrollable case of the DTs. Take control of your saccharine obsession – or at least channel it towards something positive, like charity. Start on your new path to, er, what’s the opposite of recovery?... tonight, and again tomorrow, at Jimmie’s Chocolates two 60-year anniversary parties.

Sixty years is forever in Florida time -- we’re talking pre-central air days now people -- so for one chocolate purveyor to stay in business that long, you know it’s done something right. You get off easy. All you have to do to celebrate Jimmie’s success is give $35 at the door (a portion goes to three local charities: Care Resource, Children's Harbor, and the S.T.E.P.S. program of the Florida Youth Orchestra), sit in on yummy chocolate and wine tastings, maybe get some fun art at the silent auction, and listen to live music. Friday’s party (at Jimmie’s Pompano Beach location, 124 W. McNabb Rd., Pompano) is an all-ages shindig, complete with a CD listening party for local favorites American Poets and live entertainment by a string quartet from the Florida Youth Orchestra. Saturday’s celebration (held at the Original Jimmie’s, 148 N. Federal Hwy., Dania Beach) is exclusively for grown-ups (ages 21 and up). That affair boasts the same awesome tastings and auction, but also showcases a live performance by American Poets.

Consider it a big ol’ chocolate addict’s support group. Call 954-922-0441 for more details. (Kiddos under 21 get in for $15 on Friday night.)
Fri., Oct. 26, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin