Dedicated to the Ones I’ve Loved

Those sugary sweet harmonies. The way the group look all googly-eyed cuddling in a bathtub on the cover of If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears. And of course, that damned ham sandwich. What really transpired amongst the sex-crossed foursome the Mommas and the Poppas? How many of those sordid stories are factual and how many are urban folk(rock)lore? Denny Doherty is hoping to set the record straight — sorta — in his new theater production Dream a Little Dream. Doherty (one of the “poppas,” for you uninformed young’uns)wrote the play’s script, a partially fictionalized account of the band at its height, to help string together hits like “Monday Monday” and “California Dreamin’” and to help answer all of those lingering questions. He’s attributed most inaccuracies to artistic license and a memory, um, blackout that spanned the late ’60s.

Dream a Little Dream runs through the end of August, but you can catch it today at either 2 p.m. ($42 per ticket), or 8 p.m. ($45 per ticket) at Florida Stage (Plaza del Mar, 262 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan). Call 800-514-3837 or visit
Sat., July 5, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin