Don’t Just Nibble at Your Books: Feast!

Don’t ever try eating your books and magazines; they have no nutritional value and the binding gets stuck between your molars. Besides, there are better ways to celebrate the Broward County Library’s Literary Feast than with Faulkner puree or a Sedaris smoothie – like attending programs, forums, and lectures with more than 20 heavyweight authors. On Friday those writers will be spread out across various Broward County schools, doin’ their darnedest to get kids excited about journalism. In the evening they will be dining at private dinner parties in homes throughout the county. For the common man (you, me) Saturday is when all of the real action happens: LitLIVE a free, day-long event takes over the Miniaci Center of Nova Southeastern University (3100 Ray Ferrero Jr., Blvd., Davie), giving you a chance to visit with some of your favorite writers.

Shake a collective fist at the credit card companies with Maxed Out’s filmmaker James Scurlock. He’s become a household name thanks to his in-depth excavation of consumer culture, and he’ll be speaking at a panel discussion titled “New Voices.” Steal aside sex/dating advice columnist Amy Cohen for a chit chat about her book The Late Bloomer’s Revolution – you’ll feel better knowing that even romance experts get baffled by boys. And don’t miss your chance to learn about life behind enemy lines with military-man-turned-author James Brady. Of course there are oodles of other writers and topics to check out; see the whole list at Just leave your recipe for Rumi remoulade at home; you won’t be needing it. A note: Friday evening's events kick off at the Broward County Main Library (100 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale) for cocktails at 6 p.m. and then breaks off into dinner parties at private homes. Joining Friday's festivities will run you a cool 150 bucks. Saturday, however is free and is being held at the Nova location.
March 14-15, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin