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Don’t Miss a Stitch of Embroidery!

For the uninitiated, embroidery looks daunting. A cornerstone of the craft revival movement, cross-stitch requires detail, patience, and a touch of know-how. Fortunately Bear and Bird understands this, and is offering a new StitchBird workshop aptly named Embroidery! to assist would-be thread vixens in the art of needlepoint.

“It’s actually very easy,” says Amanda Magnetta, Bear and Bird’s SheEO, “and this is an occasion where the guidance of a workshop setting will be helpful.” Attendees mix and match their favorite patterns from Sublime Stitching, the adorable embroidery company from Austin, Texas that offers counter-culture templates like robots, internal organs, and tattoos. Then they’re guided through the basics by craft circle leader Amanda Watkins-Ginther, test-driving their new skills on easy-to-embroider hankies. Of course, the main lure of these workshops isn’t the monthly project itself, the charming refreshments, or the take home goodies (you’ll have loads of project materials left over from Embroidery!); those things are just the icing on the cupcake. Having a place to hunker down and create with other crafty bitches is a rarity, one that more than transcends the cost of admission. So hop onboard the crafting wagon, meet other cool folks, and gosh darn it, stop fearing needlepoint — it only wants to be your friend.

Supplies, light refreshments, and guidance are included in the $30 admission fee. Today’s course runs from 1:30 to 5 p.m. and is held at Bear and Bird, which is located inside of Tates’ Comics at 4566 N. University Drive in Lauderhill. Call 954-748-0181, or visit
Sun., March 22, 1:30 p.m., 2009

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Jamie Laughlin

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