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Dr. Strange

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"I am following the superguys into celluloid," Morrison says, sounding like Clark Kent about to up-up-and-away. "But the next jump is off the screen and into real life. That is going to be when it starts to get interesting. Another reason I love comics is because I think they are so far ahead of what's about to happen to the human race. I mean, here we have cloning technology; we have genetic engineering. We have all kinds of interesting things on the horizon, and it won't be too long before the first superperson climbs out of his tank. I mean, it is not science fiction anymore."

Maybe. But will Morrison celebrate that day, or should we be utterly terrified by it?

"Not at all," he insists. "I think that is just the inevitable way things move, and the comics have seen it coming. The comics are the only place where these superpeople can look when they do emerge from their tanks, because no one else thought of it and no one else gave them role models and maybe sort of moral codes. So, if the first übermensch climbs out of his box, I think he should read Superman. I mean, much better that than Mein Kampf."

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