Eat Your Heart Out

Driving down Federal Highway could make you misjudge the state of food in Broward; chain endeavors with billboard-esque signs block the sun from both east and west. Fortunately, locals know that most of our edible gems lie unassumingly tucked away on side streets. Herban Kitchen, Galanga, and Food Amongst the Flowers are just a few examples of this county's delectable hideaways – places that anyone with functioning taste buds looks forward to visiting for special occasions. Tonight you don’t have to have a birthday or anniversary to justify a mid-week dinner out. The GLCC has you covered. It’s put together a mouthwatering fundraiser called Dine Out With Your Community for this evening, where 20% of the proceeds from meals consumed at the above mentioned restaurants, as well as at other heavy-hitters like Trina, 3030 Ocean, Grandma’s, Mario’s, Melting Pot, Primavera, and Rosie’s all get kicked back to the GLCC to aid in funding its worthwhile programs.

Your job is simple: Collect your friends and go eat, a lot. If you do your job well, everyone benefits. Can you believe you use to consider yourself a glutton? It turns out you were just a philanthropist in training. Visit
Tue., Sept. 25, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin