Evolution of Art

He’s an elusive creature. Rarely studied and often mistaken for fiction, Ze Verm has managed to evade researchers throughout the course of man’s existence. Until now, that is. While it might seem odd that only one artist has gained access to study the species and even odder that his findings would be displayed in a record shop as opposed to the Museum of Natural History — this is the (fake) reality.

Artist Matthew Goldstein has been fascinated by Ze Verm for several years and has submerged himself deep in the creature’s wonder. His new exhibit, “Environmental Studies of Ze Verm” examines the creature’s evolution, habits, and digestive affinities through various mediums. Through research and possibly even by conversing with the animal (you’ll have to ask Mr. Goldstein precisely how he cultivated his data), he has learned a great deal. For example: “Ze Verm is an herbivore by nature, however [it] will rarely consume an actual vegetation, as it will commonly mistake an old tire, or perhaps a broken stereo as feeding material,” reads Goldstein’s recently published research journal (translation: art show flier.) Join Goldstein at everyone’s favorite Delray record store, Backbone Music (61 SE 4th Ave., Delray Beach) this evening from 7 to 9 p.m. for the exhibit’s opening reception. Just remember, this species is terribly evasive; you won’t find it again after the exhibit ends on May 31. Call 561-266-BONE.
May 27-31, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin