Extra Hold Hairspray + Size 12 Pumps = One Glamorous Diva

What's a girl gotta do to pursue her dreams? If the girl in question is Misty Eyez -- a.k.a., a man named Dakota -- "her" dream is to win the Miss Florida At Large pageant, the ultimate battle of plus-sized female impersonators, being held in Miami on October 21 and 22. But glamour is expensive; especially after you account for gowns, props, back-up dancers, hair, jewelry and a different pair of shoes for every on-stage jaunt. So Misty Eyez is hosting a fundraiser Tuesday night at Steel Nightclub (1951 NW Ninth Ave, Fort Lauderdale), where she and her friends are performing and then donating all their hard-earned tips to the Misty pageant fund. Rest assured, she doesn't take the task lightly: "I believe being a public figure is a huge responsibility," she says, "the public knows you and they watch you." Although how could the public not watch a dancing plus-sized drag queen? Should she win, Misty has plans to take the title to the next level: reaching out to the people. “The girl that won Miss Florida at Large last year has not brought the public image of the crown to all of Florida,” she sniffs. Go to Steel, bring a stack of $20's for tips, and help a girl reach for the stars. Showtimes are 10:30 p.m. and 12 midnight.
Tue., Oct. 9, 2007
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Daniel Renzi