Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill!

“Fast Cars & Loose Women” might initially sound like some self-help guide to bedding chicks by transforming yourself into a macho man, a la Tony Click. (You know, the Tony Click? As in, Tony Click’s The Plan: Have Sex With a Gorgeous Woman Tonight in 69 Easy Steps. Damn, that’s a useful book.) Actually, “Fast Cars” is an art show taking place tonight at indie coffee haven Undergrounds Coffeehaus (2743 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale). The show’s creator, a man who goes by the moniker Electric Rob, says the idea for the show spawned not only from his love of classic autos and their nostalgic appeal, but also because they play a significant role in the bad boy milieu, another subject of his attention. Oh, and chicks really dig them. If it sounds like an odd art show for a coffee shop to hold, just remember that the folks at UG are eclectic people. If their love of tater tots, Guitar Hero, quirky TV shows, and Vincent Price flicks wasn’t an odd enough set already, tossing cars and buxom women into the mix won’t exactly push it over the edge. God bless them! The show is free, and begins at 9 p.m. Call 954-630-1900.
Sept. 27-Oct. 5, 2008
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John Linn