Feast Before You Fast

Lent begins Wednesday. That means 40 days of reviving and then maintaining those New Year’s resolutions that you’ve already abandoned. Whatever you give up this year, be it booze, babes, or burritos, you’re going to want a little feast before the fast. Nobody appreciates this lust for abundance like Bill’s Filling Station (2209 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors).

Friday kicks off five days of scandalously wonderful Mardi Gras events at Bill’s. Since you don’t want to miss a single bead being earned, get there early and stay through Tuesday, it’s easy to do with Bill’s Friday night two-for-one drink specials (starting at midnight). Unless your nickname is Hercules, you might want to take full advantage of that bargain priced, liquid courage – especially if you’re entering the Hot Bod Contest. Have you ever wondered how your pecs would do in chest-to-chest competition against your peers? Find out! The official prize for the competition is still up for debate, but you can be sure that the winner will be surrounded by dozens of liquored up, Hot Bod groupies, and that in itself is better than any trophy. Then stick around for events, drink specials, and a Super Bowl party throughout the weekend, culminating into a massive celebration on Fat Tuesday. Call 954-567-5978.
Fri., Feb. 1, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin